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Occasionally unforeseen occur that involve unexpected expenses. From a call to a locksmith, to a car breakdown, reality is determined to break our plans and, when it happens, we need help.

We have all lived it sometime. Even the most predictable.

The next thing is to look for and compare urgent cash loans, with which to request an amount of money immediately with reasonable interest and APR to settle our debts as soon as possible.

In this article, we provide you with the following information:

  • Cash loans, what are they?
  • Requirements to apply for a cash loan online
  • How to apply for cash loans with Bankate
  • Advantages of online cash loans
  • Other alternatives such as cash loans without collateral and without proof of income, cash loans without a bank account and cash loans for students

… and much more!

What are cash loans?

What are cash loans?

Cash loans are financial products for which the user can get a certain amount of cash in a short period of time.

Generally, the user can have the money on the same day of his request.

We should not confuse these loans with the fact that the money is delivered by hand, since due to current financial laws and regulations this is unusual, except in cases of loan for pawn of vehicles or loans for individuals.

The money from these loans will be deposited in the applicant’s bank account in a few hours, and this can be withdrawn in cash through the nearest ATM.

How can Bankate help me find cash loans online?

How can Bankate help me find cash loans online?

Bankate is a loan comparator that aims to help users find an urgent cash loan that suits their situation and needs.

To do this, we present a list of the best fully updated personal loans detailing the conditions, requirements, APR, interest, maximum and minimum amounts and duration of a loan.

In addition, it exposes advantages and disadvantages of each of the loans as well as the entities that grant them.

We want to assure you that in Bankate you will only find fast loans, insurance and online credits on the spot thanks to the fact that we only select verified lenders and that they comply with current regulations.

In addition to this, using the Bankate service you will ensure that the urgent cash loans for which you decide are transparent and do not have any extra costs. That means you will only pay what is clearly stated in the contract.

How to apply for urgent cash loans

Time needed: 15 minutes.

To request urgent cash loans, you simply have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Research the list of loans we offer and find the one that best suits your needs

    In our list you will find loans online. You can read more details of each particular product by clicking on «More details».

  2. Click on “View loan” to begin the application process

    Once redirected to the page of the lender you have chosen, fill in the application form with the personal and economic data requested.

  3. Reception and signing of the contract

    Once the required documentation has been submitted, the lender will verify the data and study your financial solvency. Once the application is accepted, you will receive the contract by email. Read the clauses carefully and if you agree, resend the signed contract.

  4. Receiving money in your bank account

    Once the contract is signed, the chosen lender will transfer the money into your account. Depending on the bank you are, it will take 1 to 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions about cash loans in Spain

Frequently asked questions about cash loans in Spain

What are cash loans in Spain?

Cash loans are those financial products that offer the user an amount of cash to be repaid in a given time, generally paying interest. Its main features are its immediacy and speed.

Where to get cash loans?

Online lenders offer this type of product, so it is better to compare the different alternatives of the credit market. At Bankate, we offer a list of online loans.

Are these loans in reliable cash?

To get these types of loans, you need to know who you go to. Being a type of loan considered as a low profile, they will surely be more expensive than other types of consumer loans.

Is it necessary to pay money in advance?

Absolutely not! It is one of the most common hoaxes. Reliable financial institutions will never ask you to pay money in advance.

What options do I have if I want to request a cash loan?

What options do I have if I want to request a cash loan?

As for cash loans, the current credit market offers a large number of options, mainly dependent on the desired amount and duration.

Traditional banks

Traditional banks offer cash loans that can be withdrawn through their ATMs, however the application requires a lot of paperwork and the money takes around 1 week to arrive.

In the cases of traditional banks, the advantage lies in the amount provided, which can even reach $ 10,000. For this, you must have a job that provides regular income and cannot be registered with credit institutions.

Online lending entities

Currently, you can apply for cash loans online, by filling out a form with your personal data and the desired amount and duration.

This option has lower requirements and it is necessary to provide a smaller amount of paperwork, although it is necessary to have regular income and not be registered in credit institutions. Anyway, it is possible to get loans with credit institutions.

The amounts offered through this type of loans do not usually exceed $ 5,000, and you can count on the money in the account within 24 to 48 hours.

Mini-credits in online entities

Some online lenders offer mini-loans in cash, with amounts that do not exceed $ 500 and pay in about 30 days.

The great advantage of this product is its speed: you receive an immediate response to your request, and you can count on the money in your account in just 15 minutes.

This is the perfect option for people who need a small amount urgently, for example, to pay an unexpected bill.

When do you take to receive money from a loan?

When do you take to receive money from a loan?

Here is a table of the lenders we work with so you know what day you can have the money in your bank account.

Advantages of using Bankate to find your loan

Advantages of using Bankate to find your loan

The advantages are as follows:

  • We will show you loans with a very simple application process
  • The requirements are minimal and easy to meet
  • Only with secure and reliable lenders
  • Total transparency of expenses, interests and conditions
  • The whole process is free. You will only pay for cash loans if you accept the contract and receive the money

Cash loans without collateral and without proof of income

Cash loans without collateral and without proof of income

Do you need personal cash loans but don’t have regular income that you can justify?

If you are in that situation, you may even find yourself somewhat discouraged.

But do not worry, because it is currently not necessary to present a payroll to have access to financing. There are lenders willing to offer you a cash loan without a paycheck and without having a person to guarantee you.

Currently, lenders recognize that a person may not get a salary on a regular basis but still be able to pay off a loan.

That is why, using automatic verification systems, entities can check your bank account details and your financial capacity without having to present payroll or supporting documents.

You will be surprised how easy it is!

So if you do not want to compromise the assets of your relatives or your own when presenting a good as a guarantee of payment, with us you will find alternatives to cash loans without collateral, such as loans without payroll or collateral.

Of course, interest will be higher than what you would pay for cash loans with a salary and a guarantee, but this is due to the risk of default assumed by the entity.

The fact that these entities accept applicants without payroll does not compromise the security of the loan, as they are financial products offered by reliable companies with absolutely transparent contracts.

What requirements must I meet to get a cash loan without payroll?

What requirements must I meet to get a cash loan without payroll?

In addition to the basic requirements for any loan, such as being of legal age, residing in Spanish territory and having a valid ID, applicants must have regular income.

Keep in mind that even if they offer you cash loans without a paycheck you will need to have income, especially if you are going to ask for a high amount.

Financial institutions need to be sure that you are able to repay a loan before it is granted, so they will require you to have income that allows you to pay the loan.

The only difference in this type of loans is that you should not justify them, that is, you should not present a payroll in recent months or explain where the money in your bank account came from.

These loans are especially useful for self-employed workers or people who receive income, but cannot justify them.

The application is free and the lenders will answer you quickly.

How can I apply for cash loans online?

After the arrival of the online cash loans, you no longer need to go to a bank office and submit to the always awkward questions of the branch worker, then have to wait days or even weeks to receive an answer.

The only steps you must follow to apply for a cash loan online are the following:

  1. Determine the amount you need and the term to return
  2. Compare the loans on our list and click on ‘apply now’ to go to the website of the lender
  3. Fill in the application form with your information and send it.
  4. Receive an immediate response and the loan agreement in your e-mail
  5. Read the contract and decide without obligation if you want to contract that loan in cash. If so, sign the contract and send it.

If you need your loan urgently, the online process will be the right option because it is fast and simple, and the entities can enter the money into your account in a few minutes.

In fact, if you feel like trying this service, you can get mini loans online for free, as several companies offer the first loan for free as a way to attract new customers.

And yes, free means free, that is, you just have to pay back the same amount they lend you.

Cash loans with credit card

Cash loans with credit card

One of the most comfortable and easy-to-use options when it comes to obtaining cash is cash loans with a credit card visa.

In this case, these are cards that offer you the option of buying on credit, so it is like having money in hand, but much more secure, because it will be protected by a PIN that only you will know.

In addition, credit cards offer you extra security when shopping online, as they allow you to cancel payments and perform some security measures.

In fact, there are companies such as some airlines or car rental companies that will only allow you to access their services if you pay them with a credit card.

Basically, this option is like having a cash loan at your disposal at any time and automatically, returning your interest the following month.

And, in case you need to withdraw cash, you can always do it at one of the ATMs available anywhere in the world.

Cash credits for retirees

Cash credits for retirees

Have they rejected your loan application because you are retired ?

Unfortunately, there are still companies that do not understand that today a retired person can be fully active and have a lot of time ahead, being a perfect client for a financier.

The good news is that where some see barriers, others see opportunities and, therefore, it is perfectly possible to get cash loans while retiring if you know how to find them.

You will see that it is a very simple process. You don’t have to be an expert in the use of computers, just select the right options without compromise.

Most financial institutions on our list of loans offer loans to retirees if they receive a pension, although they will place an age limit on their clients to obtain a loan, usually up to 75 years.

Bankate can help you find cash loans even if you are retired thanks to pensioner loans. Simply go to our list of loans, choose the type of loan you want by comparing its requirements and conditions and start the process by clicking on ‘apply now’.

Cash loans without a bank account

Cash loans without a bank account

Did you know that you can get personal loans in hand and without a bank account ?

Although the most common way to receive cash loans is through a bank account, the truth is that getting money without one has been possible for some time.

How can you get cash loans without a bank account?

There are several options by which you can apply for your loan and receive the money in hand and in cash.

One of the best known is the offer of cash loans using your car as collateral. Through this option, you will present your car as proof of payment and you can continue to drive with it until the payment date arrives.

This is a very poorly regulated option that may not be safe, so it is necessary to compare and contrast before signing a contract.

On the other hand, an option that is gaining popularity is that of private private lenders. With this option, an individual will lend you money in hand by signing a contract before a notary, agreeing the term of the loan.

You can also opt for the services of a pawn shop, with which you can get instant cash loans with virtually any object of value, be it jewelry, your TV, a computer…

Before opting for any of these three options, you must ensure that both the company and its transactions and services are completely safe, reliable and legal.

Cash credits for students

Cash credits for students

Being too young can also be a problem to get a loan, but we have a wide list of lenders who know that students, even if they don’t have a payroll, are responsible people who care about their future and where it is worth investing..

So, as a consequence, with us you will find companies that grant cash loans to students from 18 years of age to invest in whatever you want.

You will not have to give great explanations.

You can ask them for a trip, to buy study material, pay tuition or sign up for a support academy. The lender will just want to know the minimum to make sure you can pay without problems.

Take advantage of the freedom they offer you!

Remember that to contract a cash loan you must be of legal age and have the capacity to act, in addition to permanent residence in the Spanish territory.

How to choose financial from reliable and safe cash loans?

How to choose financial from reliable and safe cash loans?

There are currently a huge number of cash loan companies.

The vast majority of them are serious companies, but among the crowd, some companies of doubtful activity have also infiltrated.

From scammers trying to apply undercover rates, to individual lenders who resort to very intrusive collection methods, the problems can be very uncomfortable.

We know that among the great Internet offer it is difficult to choose and our goal is to make it easier by making a first filtering of companies, showing you only companies that comply with the regulations and with which our customers are satisfied.

What should you check before hiring a cash loan?

  1. That the company clearly reports its corporate name and physical address.
  2. That it complies with the privacy regulations, informing you of what it will do with your data.
  3. That I send you a written contract that specifies the amount of money it lends you, the total amount that you must return, the breakdown of that total amount in interest and principal including the TIN, APR, fees and any additional expenses.

If you have any questions, before hiring a loan, contact the company’s customer service.

Never sign a contract or give your consent to anything you are not convinced of and remember to always have a written copy of the contract.

Advantages of online cash loans

Here are some of the advantages:

  • It is not necessary to have a guarantee or a payroll
  • The application does not involve paperwork
  • You can manage the entire process online
  • It is a safe and transparent product
  • You get an answer quickly
  • You can use your money urgently

In summary…

Although your bank has rejected your request, there are other options provided by the many other companies working in the cash lending sector.

Since the application is fast and totally free, you don’t lose anything to try. In addition, Bankate makes it easier if possible by helping you compare the best cash loans in the Spanish market.

As you have seen, there are a lot of options to get the money you need in the best possible conditions, either through a credit card or thanks to an online loan, we are sure that you can find a solution that suits your needs.

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