Quick loans with single signature

Single signatures are a very convenient method of financing because they do not need a guarantor’s signature.
The need to have a person to guarantee the desired loan creates at least three problems. First of all it can generate a slowdown for the purpose of obtaining it. Involving a third person may in fact require a longer time so that she is available to go where necessary to be able to sign.

The credibility of its financial position will also have to be verified with a consequent slowdown. A third problem is of a personal and psychological nature: having to ask someone to sign could create a situation of embarrassment and make those who want the money feel a sense of dependence towards those who guarantee the loan, be it a friend, a brother or a parent or even a spouse.

Especially for small amounts, single signatures are increasingly common.
It ranges from solutions such as pledge and revolving credit that represent highly immediate alternatives, to various types of personal loans, including salary-backed loans, finalized loans and so on.

The single signature is in fact sufficient when the economic and financial situation of those who want the money is sufficient to guarantee that the reimbursement of the same will take place regularly within the agreed time.

The more solid your situation is, the quicker the time to obtain credit and the less likely a guarantor is required.
In any case, in the presence of a demonstrable income and where the amount is relatively small, today access to finance is very simple and fast.

Quick loans with single signature with pledge

Quick loans with single signature with pledge

It is a loan in which an asset is offered to guarantee the amount received, in fact, if the money obtained and accrued interest were not paid regularly the object of the pledge would be sold and the financing institution would retain the amount due . The person requesting this type of loan does not need a guarantor and must not show any particular documentation regarding the personal economic and financial situation.

It is a very rapid form of financing that can be obtained even by those who do not have a regular job and by those who have been registered in the Crif’s registers.
The committed good can be decommitted, within the time established at the time of the pledge, returning the sum obtained, plus the interest due and the accessory costs.

One-time quick loans with revolving credit

One-time quick loans with revolving credit

Revolving credit actually solves the problem of signing upstream. It is not a question of a real loan, but rather of a loan. Typically, for the revolving credit, the applicant has a credit card available. through it it will be possible to make payments within a set maximum amount. This means that, for example, if you have a credit of € 1500, paying with a credit card you can get a loan for a variable amount provided it is less than this amount.

The granting of the credit is therefore a one-off payment and can be used within the terms established whenever desired.
This method of accessing credit is certainly the fastest solution because it is instantaneous.
An example of financing with Revolving credit is offered by Widiba.
In this case, a monthly fee is payable and these are the conditions for a possible loan.

Quick loans with single signature with salary assignment

Quick loans with single signature with salary assignment

This is a type of loan whose timing can vary depending on the chosen credit institution. The most advanced ones have organized themselves so that the procedure is rather rapid. The loan with salary-backed loan is in fact paid to a specific category of people, that is to say that of employees or pensioners.

The bureaucratic procedure for the completion of the approval of the assignment of the fifth can be long, but the verification of the requirements for obtaining it is rapid because it is sufficient to exhibit the pay slip or the pension slip. This allows people to get the desired amount quickly or at least a quick down payment.

The loan will be repaid in constant installments that will not be paid by the applicant but will be withheld at source by the company for which he works or by the social security institution.

The amount of the installments can never be higher than the fifth of the salary or pension that the applicant receives.
This type of financing does not require the signature of a guarantor and does not require warranty assets .
An example of fast single-signature loans with sale of the fifth is as follows.

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